Microcontroller Based Spot Welding Controller Spotpic -501


  • Precise time and energy control ensures consistent weld quality.
  • Built in Compensation against fluctuations in the mains supply voltage.
    (Output remains within ± 3% as against ± 15% Variation In Mains Voltage.
  • Half Cycle { 1 Cycle 10msec (1 / 2 cycle of mains frequency) }
  • Easy to program with the help of UP / Down and Enter Keys. Values entered are indicated by two digit LED display
  • Single weld or Repeat cycle selectable by toggle switch.
  • Weld / NO Weld toggle switch.
  • Relay contact output provided to actuate the solenoid operated pneumatic Control valve of the welding equipment.
  • Adjustment of Weld % Energy in Run mode.

[expand title="SPECIFICATIONS"]

Feedback System : Primary voltage fluctuation compensation against Mains Input Voltage Variation.
Output : Gate & Cathode output to fire back-to-back thyristors.
Control Resolution : Half Cycle.
Modes of operations : Run / Program
One Cycle / Repeat.
Solenoid Output : Potential Free Relay Contacts on
Back Panel.
Footswitch : Footswitch is optically isolated.
Initaiates the control cycle.
Display : Process progress indication and controller status display LED’s.
Special Features : Direct access to weld energy parameter in ‘RUN’ mode.



Squeeze Time 0-99 half cycles
Weld Time 00 to 99 Cycles
Weld Heat 00 to 99%
Hold Time 00 to 99 Cycles
Off Time 00 to 99 Cycles


[expand title="APPLICATIONS "]

  • Table Mounted Micro spot Welders.
  • Manually Operated (Rocker Arm type or Similar) Spot Welding Machine
  • Very Low Cost Applications.[/expand]