Synchronous Digital Controllers: WD-202 or WD-M


  • Compact user friendly low cost controller. Precise time &energy control ensures consistent weld quality.
  • Easy to read thumbwheel switches for setting number of weld cycles.
  • Built in compensation against fluctuations in the mains supply voltage.
    Suitable for manually operated spot welding machines.


  • Manually operated simple Resistance Spot Welders.
  • Can be used as a perfect Product for Upgradation of existing spot welders.
  • Replaces Simple Timer Contactor Configuration.

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Input Supply : 230V/415V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
Output : Gate-Cathode drive signal to drive a pair of back to back thyristors of any capacity.


Built in back to back thyristors ( 95A Max).

Weld Time : 0-99 cycles ( ½ cycle of I/P supply frequency).
Weld Energy : 0-100% adjustable by potentiometer.
Trigger : External N/O contact. Actuates on contact closure.
Trigger Delay : 0.1 sec – 3 sec, adjustable by potentiometer.
Indicators : Mains ON , WELD